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Friday, January 26, 2007


[GMW #1136] UN Outer-Space Agency Should Be Created

[GMW #1136] UN Outer-Space Agency Should Be Created

Friday 26 January 2007, Editor: Easy

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Idea Dream
Robert Muller's - World Peace Plan 2010 - 25 Ways of Peace. Edited by his biographer Douglas Gillies,
Updated by Robert 1 Jan 2007.

#13. The UN General Assembly should take six major steps:

vi. A UN Outer-Space Agency is created, as proposed by Austria.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living
The greatest thing a leader or any willing human being can do is to feel most intensely the deepest evolutionary dreams of his time, to look ahead and to contribute to their formulation and implementation.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 10

Costa Rica, 5 March 1986

Today, I met at the University for Peace two students who had received the first world academic diplomas: the University for Peace's Master degree in peace communications. It was a very moving event. The University Council put this question to the students:

"What difference did this education make to you? Has any change occurred in you as journalists?t1
One student answered:
"Yes, I was used to report mostly bad news as I was taught to.

Now I write stories about good things, trying to educate other people about the good things I have learned."
"Could you give an example?"
"Yes, I have just written a story how peasant women in Costa Rica organize themselves to get better prices for their agricultural products instead of being exploited by middlemen. With that story, I can help poor women in my own country, Colombia, do the same."

The second student gave similar examples of her transformation from negative to positive news reporting.

Both spoke with enthusiasm of the World Peace News Service and of the International Radio for Peace created at the University.


Robert, please keep communicating with us for we are LISTENING!!!

Dearest Robert and Barbara:

What a joy is to receive daily such a good morning reading Robert's words and dreams for a better world... Robert, please keep communicating with us for we are LISTENING!!!

Yesterday Robert asked us in his message, "If you had the attention of the entire world, what would you say? " Great question! Yes I have asked myself this question today and this is what I came up with...

When I have the attention of the entire world Dr. Muller, I say to everyone...

It is right NOW, today, when we are all invited to continue co-creating a better world, a more peaceful and happy way of life for everyone; including mine, all animals and nature. If you are near a clock, please notice how the second hand keeps moving... and so our lives. Time does not stop for anyone. Every second is an opportunity.
Our thoughts are our emotions. Fear can be a roadblock or barrier that can stop us from achieving, believing and nurturing our dreams and heart's desires. The good news is that we can influence and better our thoughts and therefore our emotions. Yes, we can influence our actions and quality of life by choosing happiness, love, kindness, friendship, joy, brotherhood, fairness, and peace in our words, eyes, thoughts, behaviors, decisions, manners and in our hearts. We can choose to INVEST our lives by nurturing and co-creating the universe that we want to live in, and by being 'that better change' that we want to see in the world. We can also choose to WASTE our lives locking our thoughts in unreasonable negatives and impossibles that contribute to the abandonment of our dreams and a better life.

Peace is one of the most precious ingredients that were included in the making of human beings. Therefore, LOVE lives in us... Yes, we are a miracle. Yes, we can live by our gifts, put to good use our creativity, as some filmmakers do, creating the most wonderful reality in our own lives, in our communities and in the world. We can project our healthy and joyful thoughts by doing good.

It all begins with one spark. It all begins with you and I.

Dr. Muller, when I have the attention of the entire world, I share one of my poems with them...

Can We Handle God?
By Kathy J. Ward, December 2006

Can we handle a nice God?
Not a merciful judge, just a nice loving God?

Can we handle a visible God?

If God was a child,
could we handle that?

If God was a tree,
would we cut them anyway?

If God was not inside the temple,
mosque, synagogue or church,
where could I find God?

If God wasn’t smart,
could I handle that?

If God was a convict,
what would be fair to do with God?
would I put him in jail anyway?

If Heaven was on Earth,
could we handle that?

If God was air, would we pollute it anyway?

If God was an elder very ill,
with no money or medical insurance
what would you do to keep God alive?
or would you let God die?

What color is the skin of God?
Perhaps, anything but the color of your skin
could you handle that?

If God was counting on you
to do a miracle today,
how would you love God?

If God was an immigrant already here
and did not ask for permission or visa
would you deport God?
Where would we send God to?

If God was Gay,
could we handle that?

If God was illiterate,
would you steal from God?

God lives in me!
can we handle that?

If God has dementia
who will keep track of me?
would all my good actions matter anyway?

And why, why, why
why has God left us alone?

The truth...

God never left
God is the elder, the convict,
God is the tree, the air
God is visible and invisible
God is PEACE on earth
God is here and everywhere

...can we handle that?

Peace be with you!

Kathy J. Ward
Universal Peace Ambassador,
President of WEL, World Elder Land
Book: Poems and Reflections For A Better Life

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