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Friday, July 01, 2005


[GMW #721] A Yearly Good Deed Declaration Filed With Taxes

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[GMW #721] A Yearly Good Deed Declaration Filed With Taxes
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Idea Dreams 6001-6500

~ Idea 1037 ~13 May 1997

I hope that someday all people will receive a Yearly Good Deeds Declaration to fill out when they receive a Yearly Tax Declaration.

It could include such items as:

What good and peace did you teach your children?
What peace did you contribute to your family, to your neighborhood, to your workplace?
What peace association did you belong to or support?

What did you do for a better environment, a reduction of garbage, of gasoline consumption, of water and energy consumption?
What did you do for a more frugal and simple life, for a lower consumption of Earth resources?

What did you do to cultivate your own happiness?
Happiness in your family?
Happiness all around you?
Happiness in your workplace?
What philanthropy, what voluntary services did you provide?

What good health practices did you foster in your family?
What were your own good examples of good health?
Did you stop smoking?
Did you stop consuming alcohol and tell your family that it is an Arabic word (al kohol) which means the devil?

Did you give thanks for the miracle of life and the beauty of this Earth?
What did you do for your soul?
Did you pray, read good spiritual writings and precepts?
Did you go to spiritual services?

And one could conceive other items: Love, honesty, truth, morality, fidelity, forgiveness, etc.

The result of such a questionnaire would be as important if not more than the contribution of taxes to government expenses. A better society would ensue. A whole system of tax exemptions could be built on such a questionnaire. There could be for example tax deductions for voluntary services.

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Replies to Robert's recent Good Morning World messages:

Re: [GMW #720] A Future Approach - Doing More & Doing Less - For The Better

What a privilege it is to receive All the mesages about the special meeting described and photos.

Thank YOU for each work day, for each idea, for each act of love wich it is shown in those lines and most important in each intentions behind all.

It is a privilege to work and share all these with Portuguese speaking people, I hope I can do the best to bring in, the real love fuel that you have inside, to bring that to the translation work and to inspire people to ACT, not just read and feel good ...

It is fundamental to bring new thinking way of life to our beloved planet! To understand love in a irradiant way.

Thank you again and always to Mr Robert , Barbara Muller and all team that made possible we can have such a inspiring work at our disposition in internet.

Elisa, from Unit of Service for Holystic Education in Resende/BRAZIL

wow what an inspirationasl day......silver eagle


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Take care, Easy

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