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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


[GMW #1089] Better Ways Instead Of The Unitied States Of Banks

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[GMW #1089] Better Ways Instead Of The Unitied States Of Banks
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Idea Dream

~ Idea 6185 ~
Seeing all the skyscrapers banks along the main roads of the USA, one is tempted to rename that country the USB, the United States of Banks.

Robert's Golden Sayings
O God, how wonderful it will be to be ‘retired’, (or ‘refired’?) in company with my thoughts and dreams, listening to the birds and voices of nature, fully free to do whatever my heart desires!

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 10

Humanity is the architect of its own future. The UN is the first school of global architecture.

Subject: Ledgers of Lakeland ([GMW #1088] If You Want To Do Something For Peace Act Now)

I was there for your talk in Lakeland in 1990! It enriched and changed my life in ways that still resound today. Thank you, again, and still for being such an inspiration.

Orlando, Florida

Dear Peace Information Network,

I receive today's Good Morning World (
[GMW #1088] If You Want To Do Something For Peace Act Now) regularly and today what Robert Muller is quoted as saying in December 1990 is just fabulous and worth my forwarding to the Network.

This man is a wonderful person who has been working for peace for over 60 years! His biography is fascinating (he grew up on the border of France and Germany and has some amazing tales of the war years) and his book on Happiness is a true inspiration.

You can subscribe to this as well, if you wish (

I was privileged to meet Robert and Barbara when I was in California last March (I was invited to his 83rd Birthday party!) and have continued to see them every time I visit California and correspond with Barbara frequently.

They continue to give me hope and encourage my peace work. I am truly blessed and I hope you find this of interest. Love and peace to you all, Linda

Dearest Linda,
What a beautiful tribute to us and GMW. Thank you from my heart and soul. I forwarded your message to our web master EASY, who will love it. GMW subscriptions have increased and yesterday I realized that as each of us read GMW we are a global mind for change and love and Robert's dreams become part of all of us and so from his pen to our GMW to the world..
I agree with you, today's message is inspiring and every day with Robert is an inspiration and are your e-mails are to me..
Love, Barbara
More from Barbara:

Dearest GoodMorningWorld Readers and Friends of Happiness,
Thank you for your recent e-mails telling us how you found out about GoodMorningWorld. So many of you subscribed after reading Robert's poem Decide to Be Happy.
We appreciate and thank each and everyone of you for subscribing and inviting your friends to subscribe to GoodMorningWorld by sending an e-mail to or subscribe here. This daily blessing comes from our hearts to you.
For all of you who were deeply moved by Decide to Be Happy, we know you will also love Robert's book Most of All They Taught Me Happiness.
A recent buyer of Most of All They Taught Me Happiness from our Santa Barbara Airport read the book on the airplane, and when he arrived home he ordered a case of 40 books to share with all his friends.
Now before the Holidays, it's the best time to order your copy. As as special thank you gift, we will include a FREE DVD of Robert's popular interview Conversations with Remarkable People, with any order of three or more books -- while supplies last. With its inspirational message, Most of All They Taught Me Happiness makes the perfect holiday gift.
We always leave a copy of Most of All They Taught Me Happiness next to the Gideon Bible in hotel rooms on our trips, and when we return to the same room weeks later, Most of All They Taught Me Happiness is always gone, but not the $1 bill we place in the Bible to surprise a bible reader!
To order: Phone: 800-727-2782, or Email:
and to read Robert's Decide to Be Happy poem go to
Happy Holidays to you and decide to be happy during this holiday season!!

Peace and love, Barbara and Robert Mulle

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Prophet Cover
The Life of Robert Muller
by Douglas Gillies
To order: Phone: 800-942-7617. For those of you who are interested in my life, there is a beautiful biography which I love very much. Order from .
- Robert Muller
Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness
by Dr. Robert Muller
To order: Phone: 800-727-2782 Email: Fax: 805-968-1379 Mail: Amare Media c/o Para Publishing, PO Box 8206 Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206. Paperback, $12.95.

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