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Monday, February 26, 2007


[GMW #1157] Send Outpourings Of Better World Ideas & Dreams To The UN To Nourish The Fulfillment & Happiness Of Our Children & Grandchildren

[GMW #1157] Send Outpourings Of Better World Ideas & Dreams To The UN To Nourish The Fulfillment & Happiness Of Our Children & Grandchildren

Monday 26 February 2007, Editor: Easy

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Idea Dream - Paradise Earth - Celebrating Robert's 84th Birthday 10 March

Please send your reports, assessments, proposals, plans, dreams and ideas to the Secretary General, Room S 3800, United Nations, New York, NY 10017.

Let this outpouring of ideas become a unique event in human history inspired by God, applauded by the saints, and supported by all of the mysterious forces in the universe that are concerned with our actions and our fate.

As the most advanced, knowledgeable, conscious, and capable species on Earth, let us make this planet a Garden of Eden, a classic expression of the will of God nourishing the fulfillment and happiness of our children and grandchildren.

Good Morning World is featuring one paragraph each day from Robert's 23 paragraph 2 page monograph Paradise Earth edited by Douglas Gillies, Robert's biographer. Paradise Earth is compiled from Robert's first 6,000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World.

The 23 pararaphs
will lead to Douglas's teleseminar with Robert on Saturday March 10 at 9:00 am Pacific Time. Douglas will ask Robert questions from you and the listeners about his vision for Paradise Earth. This will hopefully be followed by a series of teleseminars on Paradise Earth with Robert and one special guest each time.

To submit a question for Robert and to sign up for this free teleseminar click here: .

Send your ideas for
Paradise Earth and birthday wishes for Robert's birthday by replying to this email or Contact Good Morning World.

8 Birthday wishes for Robert have been received so far. Send yours by Friday 9 March.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living
If you give up your dreams you will loose much of the meaning of your life.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995,
Appendix 1, Highlihgts of the United Nations

1952: The General Assembly broadens its consideration of racial discrimination in South Africa to take up the entire question of apartheid, overriding South African objections that it is a matter entirely within its domestic jurisdiction. Over the next four decades, the organization will be at the forefront of international efforts to fight a system of racism that the Assembly terms a "crime against humanity." The UN produces the first in a series of reports on the World Social Situation.

In a long discussion on 'spiral complexity dynamics' which is a model of human evolving there are 8 well defined levels (Value Memes) - Instinctive, Animistic, Egocentric, Absolutistic (40% of population), Materialistic (30%), Humanistic (10%), Systemic (1%), and Wholistic (.1%): Compassionate, transpersonal, intuitive and interconnected. (see the full chart on the webpage).

There is also a 9th level, Infinite, Imaginative - otherworldly, transcendent, enlightened, who live for other (very few). Here is more about

Infinite - level 9 (coral)

The limitation of a level 8 viewpoint is that it recognises that currently most humans are limited by their circumstances to a more restricted maximum level, usually 2 to 6. This gives an opportunity for more enlightened humans to assist in developing the level of those other humans (late stage 'vision logic'). Here we have the emergence of what the Buddhists call a 'bodhisattva', a person who works tirelessly to bring out the inherent possibilities in others - those possibilities which we occasionally see manifested in their rare 'flashes of genius'.

Concluding and Integrating - a flowering of Level 9 - Infinite coral

"Conflicts will diminish as our global, universal, spiritual, and cosmic awareness increase. By far the greatest contribution to peace an individual can make is to become a global, universal, and cosmic being."

Robert Muller, A Planet of Hope, 1986

The only real problem our planet has is people. Luckily we are not all the same, despite being born equal in all meaningful respects. What we do after birth changes our not-so-blank slate into what we are today. If we are nasty then so will be our world, if we are nice then our world will be nice too. It is entirely up to us, so the optimistic focus in our quote is highly relevant and the sort of being Muller describes relates to our last 2nd tier vMeme, coral. Gaining this sort of enlightenment is of course not at all easy, there is no 'quick fix' to Godhood. But every little helps, and if we target our own improvement, then we can (as we say) "Free Our Wild Side" and become content with our lives. As we are all inter-connected, then this goodness in us will flow outwards and inspire goodness in others. Our world will thus become a better place.

We have looked in this essay at how the view from Spiral Dynamics helps us to understand better our behaviours as a species, and of course from a complexity science point of view understanding ourselves as a 'system' is an essential step in working towards that better optimum, whether considered personally, as a local group, or globally. Here we recognise the importance of self-stabilizing attractors, both in their correspondence with the various types of vMemes and in their relevance to the problem of 'freeloaders' - selfish (red) elements that try to disrupt society and turn it 'bad' (e.g. promoting lies, hate, theft and bullying). An integrated society is better able to resist such pressures (a valid contribution of the purple vMeme), but further research is still needed if our science is to assist us in better understanding and minimising this problem (so widespread today). All vMemes have their positive and negative effects, and whilst we should not neglect the latter, we can also embrace the former, and this is the ultimate coral message.

Prophet Cover
PROPHET - THE HATMAKER'S SON The Life of Robert Muller by Douglas Gillies
To order: Phone: 800-942-7617. For those of you who are interested in my life, there is a beautiful biography which I love very much. Order from .
- Robert Muller
Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness by Dr. Robert Muller
To order: Phone: 800-727-2782 Email: Fax: 805-968-1379 Mail: Amare Media c/o Para Publishing, PO Box 8206 Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206. Paperback, $12.95

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