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Thursday, March 22, 2007


[GMW #1176] Ministries Of Peace, World Affairs & Cooperation Replace Ministries of "Foreign" Affairs

[GMW #1176] Ministries Of Peace, World Affairs & Cooperation Replace Ministries of "Foreign" Affairs

Thursday 22 March 2007, Editor: Easy

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Idea Dream
Robert Muller's - World Peace Plan 2010 - 25 Ways of Peace. Edited by his biographer Douglas Gillies,
Updated by Robert 1 Jan 2007.

#22. Countries should change the name of their Ministries of "foreign" affairs to Ministries of Peace or Ministries of World Affairs and Cooperation.


Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living, Volume II Chapter 10 Of Dreams, Visions & Ideals
Dreams, visions and ideals elevate us into our higher, real, cosmic nature as beings of the universe. Through them we see how extraordinary, beautiful and miraculous life is when we possess full consciousness of our universal nature.

If it were in my power to conceive a new divinity, I would create a Goddess of Dreams. Dreams make a mother love and care for her children as if they were eternal, and perhaps they are. Dreams make a young student believe that he will be great and glorious in his life. Heavenly is the dream of a young couple that their love will last forever. Artists, writers, scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians thrive on the dream that their works and names will last forever.

Without the dreams of youthful heart and mind, the elderly could not survive. Even death would be infinitely worse without the dream of an after-life and immortality of the soul. Life could not be sustained without dreams: it is so short, so tiny, so mortal in the infinite universe that dreams are perhaps the most powerful driving force of human ascent and civilization.

Dreams of what we want to be make us actually become it.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995,
Appendix 1, Highlihgts of the United Nations

1970: The Intemational Developmen! Strategy is adopted for the Second Development Decade declared by the General Assembly. Targets are set for different groups of countries and for increases in aid and industrial and agricultural production.

The General Assembly adopts the first internationally agreed set of principles on the vast area of seabed and ocean floor beyond national jurisdiction. The first principle declares the area to be the "common heritage' of humanity.

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40 Artists from 22 Countries Participating (continue....)
World Prayer for Peace by All Artists-2007

Peace ! Ukuthula! Salaam! Shalom! Vrede! Shanti! Ixolo! Pax! Pace!


Each one of us has his prayer, his language, its culture. Unisons our good faith for the good of our future generations and of our earth. The convention agreed on peace, the tolerance, the acceptance of the other, I think is a minimum of our share.
Ammar Banni-Algeria-Poet/Writer/Univesal ambassador of peace

Let Peace live in our inside to spread later to every human being in our way and be consecuent in our behaivor, no only theories and the light cover this Planet full of new basic knowledges about Peace they expand and increase in form and time.
Susana Roberts-Argentina-poet/writer


I pray for peace in 2007 to come directly from the spirit realm I pray all will cast of selfishness and pride and start to walk side by side we are all together as humanity as one so let us have peace with all and each one I pray for peace to dwell in our hearts each individually is where it starts
Mike Yates-Tamworth Australia-comp technician
Let's share bread to tread in the footsteps of fairy tales' livelihood.
Guido Vermeulen-Belgium, Brussels- Friour Network Magazine

Listen to the song of the Mermaid, Eternal Mother Sea, Woman in blue Love becoming Bird of Paradise, a song of Love and Peace, Happiness in Equality, Respect for our Alter Ego, Freedom, Respect for our ecology ... a song for all what our heart can dream ...
Liza Leyla Brussels-Belgium- Poet /Love Ambassador
May we live peacefully with acceptance for ourselves, and for those around us. If we can look to ourselves whenever we feel that it is another who is wronging us perhaps we can find an answer to the difficulty. Let the sun shine on those who need warmth, and let the rainfall for those who need water. Dear Lord, meet all of our needs, so we can spread the good news, and the bounty of your blessings for coming to this earth, showing us the way to live in peace and harmony, bliss and ecstasy. Hallelujah
Jill Karlin Aerts- Belgium,Gent-Artist
All live in peace
William A.- Brasil & Andaratist

people perceiving that other people and nature are like themselves and all together can create a unique and beautiful thing, on interacting with respect and love, and with that living in peace.
Flavia Fernandes - Brasil-Florian󰯬is-Artist


May we realize the sweetness of peace oh Lord
May we see the light of peace Shanti,Shanti,Shanti, Peace, Peace, Peace

Gabriela Aguero- Winnipeg, Canada-artist

Please PRAY for peace ,otherwise we will be PREYED.
Zia Shahid-Canada/Pakistan-Geologist
I wish that people would be able to look inside their hearts and love themselves deeply, and then be able to look into others hearts and see that love there. We are all connected by love
Hollis Klein-Montreal, Canada-Artist-Teacher


Together, with the same heart in different bodies, let us ensure to become to it peaceful and peaceful generations to come by our behavior at the present.
Peace is love for the own self and others. The Children, the women, the men, the neighbours, the souls, the animals, the clouds, the wind, the sun, the world.
Ulrike M. Dierkes-Germany - Stuttgart-M.E.L.I.N.A Inzestkinder/Menschen aus VerGEWALTigung e.V.


Let universal peace prevail at every nook and corner of the planet earth. Let every one of us have love and concern towards all, devoid of caste, creed, race and religion.
Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, Litt.D-Hyderabad City, India-Poet

Its me who never think of taking revenge against other. I teach this to my children. Let love help all of us to train up next generation .Its not proper to use violence over them to teach them to be a good citizen.
Maitreyee Bardahn Roy. Kolkata-India-Artist
Gruppo Sinstetico- Torreglia Padova Italy-Artist

I pray God to make all the people understand each other. A language of peace like Esperanto is necessary for that.
Renato Corsetti Palestrina, Italy teacher


Sound serenity, natural strength and pure intent, in peace, gentle achievements of peace
Barbey Christophe-Flendruz, Switzerland-Poet

May Peace Prevail On Earth May Peace be in our Homes and Countries May all our Divine missions be accomplished in order for peace to prevail on earth. We thank all our Guardians and Angels for their Guidance.
Fumi Johns Stewart- San Francisco, CA, USA -The World Peace Prayer Society

Heavenly Father, I pray for peace for the world over, where there is hate in the heart of man, let it be replaced with Love & good will thy will be done
Peg Darrow-U.S.A Scottsdale- Artist
Let there be peace. Let there be justice. Let there be understanding. Then all else is possible
Steve Suffet New York City USA, Folk musician & retired teacher
When we come from unconditional love in our heart, we create and experience peace in our world.
Harold W. Becker-Tampa, FL USA-President/The Love Foundation
Oh could we learn to follow the flag hung by angel hands? In the Cathedral of the Universe, it flies 'cross every land. And if we lift our eyes to the sun, the moon, the stars, then might we see the ancient truth- in spirit we are one!
Frances Key-Jacksonville, Florida, USA-Artist

2007 is the Year of Light. All are invited to tune in to receive and retransmit the Light into their environment. Meditate, Pray, and Just Do It!
Johnni Zanni -Austin, TX, USA- Yoga Student

Please Pray GOD gives me all the desires of my heart that are righteous in GODs eyes,GOD sends me on the mission He has for me now and GOD raises me a mile above those used by Satan to glorify GOD
Phil Chavez-Torrance,Ca USA-Artist

Life is a dance and breath is a song may we dance and may we sing for peace
Luiza Brown-Gardiner ME USA-Mail Artist/Poet

I pray for assistance For the souls that live in fear, hatred, starvation, sickness, to become enlightened beings on this planet earth. I pray that their hearts and ours become one in the higher realms of consciousness to live in love and peace as intended to be. I pray for the release of all their Karmic debts, for that some day we may all be joined in reunion with you heavenly Father.
Carol MIller- WinterSprings-USA- Artist
Peace for the Heart - Peace for the Soul!
Ulrike M. Dierkes-M.E.L.I.N.A Inzestkinder/Menschen aus VerGEWALTigung e.V- Deutschland - Stuttgart


We want to live with peace and spread peace.
Sana Kayenat Karachi-Pakistan, Artist
Oh Allah bless us with your blessings for a whole new world with peace and no sufferings... and with love
Hina Kehkashan Karachi Pakistan,Artist

We want to live with peace.
Alluddin Bandey Ali -Karachi-Pakistan -Multimedia Artist

I pray for each human being to develop the greatest courage, wisdom and compassion possible, and for the human capacity for dialogue to bloom towards world citizenship
Dr.Olivier Urbain Tokyo Japan Research Fellow, Toda Institute

All humankind are linked like ruby grains in a blossoming pomegranate, and peace can bring joy, prosperity and friendship to all the human grains ...
Dr.Ada Aharoni Haifa Israel IFLAC Director


I pray and act for people to become CONSCIOUS for creating their destiny and LOVE and FEEL the legend for transforming the world into a New Earth here and now
Nina Goncharova -Russia-Artist

When we will look around, we will see the results of our actions.We will look than down, with deep sadness of how much affliction and sorrow affects the world.We will look than up, to the Highest, and will ask the end of all calamities and wars.We will begin to accomplish that prayer right now, by giving each other cordial greetings and shaking hands friendly, and blessed by the assistance of the Highest, we will send thoughts of serenity in all the corners of the Universe, with the sincere wish that all the evil may end. May Peace Prevail on Earth!
Tatomir Ion-Marius- Romania, Sighetu Marmatiei- World Peace Prayer Society


The song of love and peace start in your heart.
Sing for your sister. Sing for your brother and we will all sing togetherthe universal song of love and peace
Monika Lilja-Sweden-Artist for Peace


Peace upon us! We must work for peace. It is not easy but it is possible. Just try it! God bless you
÷ŸStankowich-Castelldefels (Spain) -Teacher


As we seeking peace, Justice we must seek God believing that he is the one who have a perfect plan. Leaning on him will be strong refuge to all especially who are poor and being abandoned, isolated, discriminated and oppressed. That we may response to God's plan to be one, all of humanity whatever the status faith, culture, tradition, country that he/she have. That we must listen to the voiceless and to be with them. Many people who are longing for love and acceptance. God help us to understand you and your will may your presence will be our guide and protection. Enlighten our mind and show your power that you are the Alpha and Omega the creator of heaven and the earth. May we found your favor and your peace in all humanity, Amen.
Joey Rendon Philippines- Manila- Manila Presbyterian Theological Seminary

I pray for peace in each and everyone. May we find hope in our hearts and realize that we can be channels for peace if we believe so. And that peace is not impossible in this world.
Meg Villanueva-Bacolod City, Philippines

Dear Lord and Father of all Children, we ask you to help establishing Peace in our Time. Amen.
Jan N. Malde Manila, Philippines-Retired ship's officer

United Kingdom

Forget about the trouble which is man made, accept the easy option as peace in this world peace day and respect every one as the best life as human being as much as you can to keep busy with love and peace.
Sadhu Sadher Poet and Visionary


Please Listen
Prayer for Peace by All Artist-2006
Prayer for Peace by All Artist-2005

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Peace and Blessings,

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