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Friday, March 23, 2007


[GMW #1177] National Hymns Should Be Rewritten In Peaceful, Global Terms

[GMW #1177] National Hymns Should Be Rewritten In Peaceful, Global Terms

Friday 23 March 2007, Editor: Easy

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Idea Dream
Robert Muller's - World Peace Plan 2010 - 25 Ways of Peace. Edited by his biographer Douglas Gillies,
Updated by Robert 1 Jan 2007.

#23. More and more nations should celebrate the world days proclaimed by the United Nations, such as Earth Day, the International Day of Peace, United Nations Day, Human Rights Day, World Health Day, World Food Day, International Children’s Day, International Women’s Day, and the Day of the Elderly.

National war memorial days should be shifted to United Nations Day, a symbol of hope and rebirth from all past wars.

Monuments to known and unknown peacemakers, peace parks and peace museums should be created in many places.

National hymns should be rewritten in peaceful, global terms.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living, Volume II Chapter 10 Of Dreams, Visions & Ideals
Humanity must never cease to invest in new dreams, visions and ideals.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995,
Appendix 1, Highlihgts of the United Nations

1971: The International Court of Justice, in an advisory opinion requested by the Security Council, declares the continued presence of South Africa in Namibia "illegal."

The Assembly restores "lawful rights" of the People's Republic of China in the UN.

Bahrain becomes independent after the UN helps resolve an Iran-United Kingdom dispute on the status of the territory. Massive UN relief effort aids victims of conflict in East Pakistan (later Bangladesh).

Happy Birthday Barbara
March 23,
love, Robert Muller

by Robert Muller &
Barbara Muller

We dream that we humans, the most advanced miracle
of life in the universe will lift our sights, hopes and dreams to the year 3000
and make the third millennium a tremendous, unbelievable cosmic success.

We dream that all governments will join their minds and hearts
to manage this beautiful Earth and precious humanity in peace, justice and happiness,

That all religions will join in a global spirituality,

That all people will become a caring family,
That all scientists will join in a united, ethical science,

That all corporations will unite in a global cooperative to preserve nature and all humanity.

We believe that once and for ever,
we will eliminate all wars, violence and armaments from this miraculous planet.

We dream that the incredible and growing distance between rich and poor,
between and inside nations will be eliminated as a blemish to the miracle of life.

We dream that we will stop the destruction
of our miraculous, so richly endowed planetary home.

We dream that we will eliminate all lies, corruption and immoral advertisements for purely monetary purposes.

We dream that we will all live simple, frugal lives in order
not to waste unduly the precious resources of our planet.

We dream that each decade and centennial will be celebrated as a great
world-wide thanksgiving for our successes.

We dream that we will succeed in making our planet the ultimate success of God,
of the mysterious forces of the universe of which each of us is a miraculous, cosmic unit.

Dear brothers and sisters, dear children, youth, adults and elderly, dear spirits of all the departed let us join forces in fulfilling God's loving destiny intended for all of humanity

Let us prepare the year 3000 as the most extraordinary celebration
of our grandiose, mysterious journey in the star studded heavens.

Let us make this third millennium a Jubillennium filled with overflowing peace, tremendous love, happiness and thanksgiving.

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Prophet Cover
PROPHET - THE HATMAKER'S SON The Life of Robert Muller
by Douglas Gillies
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- Robert Muller
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