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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


[GMW #1189] God And Paradise Are The Two Basic Tendencies Of The Universe, The Origin And Objectives Of Evolution

[GMW #1189] God And Paradise Are The Two Basic Tendencies Of The Universe, The Origin And Objectives Of Evolution

Tuesday 10 April 2007, Editor: Easy

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Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 6001 to 6500

~ Idea 6270 ~
Written in Hawaii in June 2000
God and paradise are the two basic tendencies of the universe, the origin and objectives of evolution. We should never forget that.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living, Volume II Chapter 11 Of Power, Wealth & Glory
A true human being does not need power and glory. He seeks to be of service to Father God, to his fellow humans and to Mother Earth.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995,
Appendix 1, Highlihgts of the United Nations

1983: The Secretary-General visits southern Africa to consult on how the Security Council plan for independence of Namibia can be implemented. Virtually all outstanding issues are resolved, but South Africa's insistence on the withdrawal of Cuban troops from neighboring Angola before implementation of the plan makes its initiation impossible.

Mariposa (Butterfly) Helping Bring Peace Into The World

Subject: What is this spirtual gift?

Dear Chancellor Muller,
What is the universal living embodiment of peace?
What is the gift we have been given by God that points the way to transformation and peace?
What is this source of natural joy in the heart of a child?

( It is not a ball of any kind and why do we use such things to beat out of them a love and joy given to them by God only to try teach them to try to dominate others?)

What is the industry of peace, joy and love that cries out for development into a world wide phenomenon of appreciation of the peace induced by their presence?
What is the embodiment of God's message of instruction to us to transform ourselves into spiritual beings of peace?
Why do we continue to ignore this message?
What is perhaps God's greatest most beautiful gift to us and why do we seem to prefer to remain oblivious or just seem incapable of getting it?

Why don't we see this gift and its glorification of God, revere it and bask in the glory of God it brings to us rather than try to falsely glorify ourselves through domination of others in the arena or on the battlefield?
What is this gift that could and should be the icon, the emblem of peace?
What is this embodiment and personification of paradise?

What is this gift, the industry of which if only embraced, could have the potential to transform our prisons into instiutions of rehabilitation?
When will we honor and nurture our children in their inate appreciation of this gift from God?
What is this beautiful living animate artwork of God, more wonderous than any art of man?
Do you know the saddest part of the story of this gift is the irreverence and disregard by which it is disrespected, the scorn and ridicule with which those who try to speak of the importance of this gift risk being treated?
Why can't we appreciate that everyone has something to offer rather than everybody always trying to prove they are better than the other person, carrying it to the ultimate delusion of the mass mania and hysteria over the home sports team as their proxy?

Why can't people just try to be better than themselves?
If I were to speak the name of this gift your heart might sink for such is the burden that has been placed on this gift. A tradition of scorn and ridicule follows this gift. It has been given a name in English which in itself may seem frivolous. Centuries of disregard and relegation to the world of children and sometimes women because it not only does not gratify or glorify the male ego, as it is a spiritual gift, but men are even at risk of having their masculinity placed in question by appreciating this gift or speaking of it in any way attributing value or importance.

Until recently this gift has not been a contributor to commerce but the possibility of commercial service to man is beginning to bring some respect to this lowly gift if not for the wrong reason at least for a lesser reason.

Costa Rica has become a source of production of this gift now being shipped to far too few locations in the world where they are exhibited.

By now you can probably guess the name that has been given to the gift I am speaking of but if not the answer in Spanish is Mariposas.

I am writing this to you to ask for your help to raise awareness about this instrument of peace. I belive we are neglecting a great asset that could help us bring peace into the world. Imagine if every prison had a butterfly conservatory and the prisoners learned butterfly farming. Imagine the psychological benefits for rehabilitation. Imagine if we stopped training and nurturing our children into the sports mentality of domination and started nurturing their natural love of butterflies!!

Please help me bring this to the attention of the world !!!
I want to establish a foundation for the advancement of the appreciation of butterflies by building butterfly conservatories.

Dear God, how can it be so difficult for humankind to get it and love this gift????
Please help me wake up poople, governments, religion, and the mental health medical establishment!
Every city desperately needs one or more of the environments!!!!!!!

God bless you


Prophet Cover
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by Douglas Gillies
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- Robert Muller
Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness by Dr. Robert Muller
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