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Monday, April 16, 2007


[GMW #1193] Peace Will Spread Throughout The World From Sacred Mt. Rasur

[GMW #1193] Peace Will Spread Throughout The World From Sacred Mt. Rasur

Monday 16 April 2007, Editor: Easy

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Idea Dream - Please Share What The Mountain Said

To: Robert
From: shinah
Re: [GMW #1192] Let Mountains Talk To Us
What has the mountain said?..........................please share

Thank you for asking what the mountains say to me..
Please go to my website
In the left sidebar scroll down to Main Sections and click on Mt. Rasur Legend
and read our Mt. Rasur Legend

Mt. Rasur in Costa Rica has a legend that peace will
spread through out the world from this Sacred Mountain.
Love, Robert Muller
Mt. Rasur, Costa Rica

"My sense of Peace is always enhanced when I'm standing on high ground, overlooking the majestic beauty of Mother-Earth. It is very satisfying to feel the wind in my face, and to imagine that others have stood in the same place enjoying the same feeling of wellbeing. Sometimes, I'm taken by the thought that people have been drawn to these places for thousands of years. While all of these places inspire wonder and tranquility, some stand out as Sacred. These Sacred places have a unique effect on a person's spirit that at times is difficult to convey in words. When the wind is allowed to speak, it opens the heart to the power of the universe. A life is then transformed and continues to change when it connects with just one of these Sacred Places like Mt. Rasur".

- Ronald Thomas

Sunrise looking east atop Mt. Rasur


Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living, Volume II Chapter 11 Of Power, Wealth & Glory
Do not seek fame or glory. If they are needed by evolution they will come by themselves. What you are, what you do, what you think, what you say, what you write, will speak for you.

You will never be more than a tree which either produces good fruit or remains sterile. If the fruit is good, people will love it. They are primarily interested in the fruit and then only in the tree.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995,
Appendix 1, Highlihgts of the United Nations

1987: The UN Environment Program obtains international agreement and signature of a world convention on the protection of the ozonosphere. The UN convenes the rust world conference on drug abuse and control of illicit traffic of drugs

Dear Barbara & Robert,
We have recorded a one hour copy of the Telephone Broadcast that you and Robert did for the Virtual Happiness Club on April 2, 2007. Now all your subscribers can listen to you and Robert when you post this it inyour Good Morning Newsletter and put it on your web site.
MP3 Audio: Listen here to The Virtual Happiness Club podcast with Lionel Ketchian, special guests Barbara and Robert Muller, Dr. Cynthia Barnett, and others. Special thanks to David Ambrose at The Happiness Minute.
Sharing Love, Peace and Happiness with you,


How fit to employ all the heart and the soul and the senses forever in joy!

Robert Browning

Robert Muller and Tom Van Sant
We Are Already Living In Paradise On Earth

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
11:00 am Pacific - 2:00 pm Eastern

Sign Up Here

As I wrote Robert Muller's biography, I went looking for his most fundamental idea, the one central concept that best captured his unique vision of the world.

It's Paradise Earth!

That's Robert Muller's golden fleece. In his view, we live in a paradise, and if we stop trying so hard to mess it up, we'll see that we really are in paradise and life is a miracle.

So what does Paradise Earth look like? More specifically, what does Robert Muller see when he talks about Paradise Earth, after spending 39 years as a peacemaker at the UN?

On April 25, 2007 at 11:00 am Pacific, I'm going to ask Robert Muller and Tom Van Sant. Tom is an environmental planner, sculptor, painter, muralist, and architectural designer. He is best know as the creator of the GeoSphere Project, for which he was acknowledged by Al Gore twice in the Oscar-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." The GeoSphere Image marks a milestone in cartographic history. It is the first satellite map of Earth showing the real world it appears from space.

Together they will answer YOUR questions about Paradise Earth. I can't wait to get them together: two of the world's leading holistic thinkers.

This teleseminar won't cost you anything but your regular long distance charges. To get the call-in details, just go to

and tell Robert and Tom your most important question. Then I'll send you the phone number and passcode.

We could spend the rest of eternity worrying about all the problems in our world, but maybe we're missing the most important point. What if Robert is right and we're already living in a paradise? What if to see the big picture, we just have to recognize that it's already perfect?

Ask you question and sign up today by going to:

Douglas Gillies

Prophet Cover
PROPHET - THE HATMAKER'S SON The Life of Robert Muller
by Douglas Gillies
To order: Phone: 800-942-7617. For those of you who are interested in my life, there is a beautiful biography which I love very much. Order from .
- Robert Muller
Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness by Dr. Robert Muller
To order: Phone: 800-727-2782 Email: Fax: 805-968-1379 Mail: Amare Media c/o Para Publishing, PO Box 8206 Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206. Paperback, $12.95

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