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Friday, December 30, 2005


[GMW #851] Happiness Education, Science, Inquiries & Surveys

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[GMW #851] Happiness Education, Science, Inquiries & Surveys
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Religion & Spirituality

~ Idea 2553 ~
We have statistics and surveys on almost any conceivable subject on Earth except one which is fundamental: happiness.

There is need for a whole education, science, inquiries and surveys of happiness.

As a first step the UN could inquire what definition of happiness each nation, each culture has, since the pursuit of happiness is or should be the main purpose of government. And we should ask religions to do the same: What were the messages of their founders, the messengers from the universe, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, the Great Spirit of the indigenous people?

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Who am I? A capacity to create good and happiness.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

Concentrate on the most difficult tasks. Do what the majority of people hesitate or do not want to do. Support the United Nations or one of its innumerable endeavors for peace and a better world. Humanity will thank you and you will be rewarded with untold happiness.

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Remarkable Conversations With Our Elders
by Kathy Ward

How does happiness relate to health?

A group of elders and I gathered to talk about happiness, feelings of contentment and health.
...The most important part of a tree is not the trunk, but the root. One has to nurture the root more than any other part, because once the root becomes weak, the rest of the tree will get ill, weak and eventually will die. If we compare the trunk with our body, the branches represent the organs, the leaves, flowers and fruits represent the mind, creativity our dreams, and the root our soul and deepest heart desires. The roots are the spirit within and when we don't nurture and take care of our spirit, we get weak physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Regardless our present age, the root needs to be maintain, care for and nurture daily for the rest of us to function, progress and live a better quality of life.

So, how we nurture our spirits?

Elizabeth, 87: With a sense of humor, it is the spice of life and a life saver.

Faith, 91: I pray and then I take a walk. When I pray I feel better and more relax. I then take a walk to set my thoughts free, otherwise when I keep thinking about what makes me sad, or worry, the issues seems to get bigger and nothing else matters. I do not like that so I take a walk.

Pat, 82: I nurture my spirit making other people happy. However, happiness and a feeling of contentment are two different things but we need to get out of ourselves and focus on the many things we can do for others, and the more we do, the more content we will be.

Roger, 80: I think that first we need to realize that life dishes out challenges to us all. How we deal with those challenges determines our state of mind. Learning to focus on a solution, rather than on the problem, forces us to have a more positive attitude.

Kathy 39: Another aspect of maintaining a feeling of well-being is activity. When our minds are focused elsewhere, we alleviate the stress and tension caused by focusing only on our problems. Any meaningful activity you enjoy, whether it be reading, listening to music, gardening, walking your dog, baking apple pies for the homeless or a dear friend, talking nature walks, organizing community service projects, meditating or simply chatting with a family member or a friend, can give you a mental and physical boost.

Valerye 94: We need to understand that happiness is a choice. We can create our own happiness and that it is foolish not to make yourself happy.

Danny 62: I work as a volunteer in the White House. The other day, a man came to see the Christmas decorations and I was assigned as the docent to guide a group of people. He came along with us but was not having a very good disposition and most of his remarks where very unpleasant. I did not responded to any of his provocations. As the man was leaving the White House I said to him; "thank you so much for coming, it was very nice having you with us, have a great day." The man turned and looking at his wife and said to her "what's wrong with this man, is he trying to make me happy?" Danny continues... when I work and volunteer my time to help others I decide to be happy and make others happy being kind, patient and joyful. I do not let rain ruin my parade.

Kathy: As we continue to explore the mind-body connection, we are beginning to see how tension caused by everyday worries and concerns can block the flow of good energy that keeps us well. Then
"Life Force Energy" is disrupted or weekend and emotional or health problems tend to occur. Imbalances can be caused from many situations occurring in our lives, such as: emotional or physical trauma, injury, negative thoughts and feelings, including fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, negative self-talk, toxicity, nutritional depletion, destructive lifestyles and unhealthy relationships, neglect of self and lack of love for oneself or others, from emotions that are not expressed in a healthy way... The practice of happiness brings us vigor, good energy and a disposition towards life and as love, they help us to open doors, see possibilities and embrace opportunities to better our lives and the lives of others.

Let's start the new year with a "Hunting for Happiness Campaign" What ideas come to mind to bring good energy, happiness and love into our lives?

Valerye: Wear more happy colors, a very important thing when we dress. Remember to wear a smile on your face. It is charming and makes you popular.

Roger: Let's vote for the happiest person in our community. Someone that shows good disposition, practice kindness, and possesses a good sense of humor.

Pat: All of us could put together a scrap book of 'the happiest moments in our lives' and share it with everyone else.

Danny: Let's read a good book.

Kathy: Great idea Danny! I have brought you a wonderful book and I would like to read a couple of pages of it about Happiness, written by Robert Muller, "Most of All They Taught Me Happiness" ... Page 177, about "What Each One Of Us Is Doing For Peace? We always rely on others to work for PEACE, justice and a better world but what are we doing, each one of us?


WEL, World Elder Land is starting this new year 2006 a new section on our website named "The Happiest Moments In Our Lives" We are inviting elders from all over the world, to submit a story describing one of the happiest moments of their lives. Along with the story
, photos are most welcome. Please send us your stories from our contact link.

Peace be with you!

Kathy Ward
Co Founder of WEL, World Elder Land

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